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Balance light and heat

Improve quality  

Reduce sunburn

Monitor ripening
Quantifying sunlight exposure
and grape temperatures in

Sunlight and temperature are two of the most
important factors that affect photosynthesis
and ripening.

Viticision specializes in analyzing and
modeling vineyard climates to discover
vineyard practices that produce the highest
quality grapes.

We build custom topoclimate and
microclimate models that predict vineyard
and grape cluster temperatures, driven by
your local weather station.
Recent news and presentations:
Napa Valley Register, August 2010:
High-tech sensors keep watchful eye on grapes

Central Coast Vineyard Team Presentation:
Vineyard Microclimates: What's your ripening curve?

Wine Business Monthly, April 2010:
Determining Vineyard Outcomes
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Get a Grape's-Eye View
Grape's-Eye View Model Includes:
Vineyard Design
Determine the best suited row direction,
grape varieties, and trellis designs to
improve profitability.

Trellis Design & Retrofit more info here
Balance light and heat environment within
your block.

Frost Map more info here
We map your vineyard and identify the areas
that are susceptible to frost damage and
recommend practical frost protection
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